Guns are a vital defence and should NOT be controlled in america.  The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida killed 17 people unnecessarily, and america want to now make it worse and take away the lawful defence of potential victims. Taking away guns will not solve the problem. Shooters don’t need laws to acquire a gun, if they cannot buy one legally they will simply find one illegally. Not only will this law be pointless in terms of shooters owning guns it will disarm the victim giving them a much smaller chance of survival. 60% of people owning a gun say it is only for protection against crime, so they don’t become one of the tens of thousands of people killed in america every year. Of all the crimes committed in america only 10% were committed using guns, banning them will not solve the problem. Guns are used by civilians to defend themselves approximately 989,883 times a year, thats 989,883 more potential homicides every year without guns. America wishes to rid itself of its only defence against crime but that is unhelpful, unreasonable and unnecessary. What america needs is to train civilians on the rules and regulations of guns and teach them how to and in what circumstance they should use it against crime. Ridding america of its guns will only amplify what is already a massive problem in America. Guns are the peoples only line of defence against crime and vital to the survival of hundreds of thousands of people.

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